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U2 interpretó 'Bullet The Blue Sky' en Fallon Tonight

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U2 apeló anoche en el Tonight Show de Jimmy Fallon a "Bullet The Blue Sky" y cambió la letra de la canción para expresar sus ideas frente a la nueva era Donald Trump en los Estados Unidos. Después de 30 años, la canción sigue cobrando nuevos significados.

El motivo de la participación en el programa fue para presentar el nuevo single "You're The Best Thing About Me" del próximo disco "Songs Of Experience".

Aquí la transcripción desde U2.com:

In the howlin' wind
Comes a stingin' rain
See it drivin' nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain.
From the firefly
A red orange glow
See the face of fear
Runnin' scared in the valley below.

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue.

In the locust wind
Comes a rattle and hum.
Jacob wrestled the angel
And the angel was overcome.
You plant a demon seed
You raise a flower of fire.
We see them burnin' crosses
See the flames, higher and higher.

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue

Suit and tie comes up to me 
Face orange as a rose on a thorn bush 
Skin as thin as orange crush 
And he's peeling off those dollar bills 
Slapping them down 
One hundred 
Two hundred 

I can see those fighter planes 

I can see those fighter planes 

WMD in their veins 

Ground shakes but the children can’t weep
Vaporized in a single tweet 
The emperor rises from his golden throne
Never knowing, never BEING known  
The lights are on the presidents home
Oh my god I’ve never felt so alone
Outside its America
Outside its America

In a far off palace in a far-fetched land 
Another baby plays a baby grand
Fingers on the keys of a siren song
Finger on the button of oblivion
And all I can think of is my son

All I can think of is my son
He misses his ma, misses his da
And he runs 
And he runs 
And he runs 
Into the arms of america


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